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Florence Corbi is a French ceramic sculptor. Born in 1967 in Bagnols sur Cèze, she lives in Lyon and Sabran.

After training at the National School of Decorative Arts of the Louvre in Paris, where she developed her technical skills in drawing and painting, she discovered clay and perfected her style as a ceramist at the “Chemins de terre” ceramics school in Paris with trainers from the Sèvres factory.

Her work is characterized by abstract and organic forms, which express a tension between fluidity and structure. Guided by her fascination for the mythology and literature of Mediterranean antiquity, she explores and uses the sculptural possibilities of porcelain by combining unexpected materials such as canvas, cardboard, fabrics, threads whose potential contributes to transmit emotion and narration through the forms, materials and texture of her sculptures.

Her sculptures, in which the precision and delicacy of the gesture are breathtaking, revisit the tradition of the art of French porcelain sculpture. While maintaining a classical craftsmanship, Florence Corbi's sculptures are unique and fascinating works of art that evoke inner harmony and radiant vitality. They fascinate with their innovative, surprising and captivating character. Her creations indeed reveal all the beauty and finesse of porcelain, a material that lends itself to multiple elegant and refined forms. Corals, flowers, unexpected vegetation, each model is decorated with a permanent invention in which the poetry of an inner journey dominates.

The artist multiplies the details, the cutouts, the additions, making the best use of the finesse of the porcelain to give life to her creations. A vibrant light exalts these original works, born of an ever-renewed imagination, while the white of the material gives a particular shine to each model.

Florence Corbi's work, widely acclaimed for its originality, creativity and quality, is exhibited in numerous art galleries in France. Winner of the 2022 Charles Malfray Grand Prix for Sculpture from the Taylor Foundation, she was a finalist in the ICAA Blanc de Chine 2017 and 2019 competitions and the Cluj Biennale.

Florence Corbi’s work is present in many public and private collections in France, the United States, Saudi Arabia, India with in particular a sculpture installed in the salons of the French Embassy in Estonia. In 2023 she was received in residence in Dehua (China) to develop “Deep Sea”, a large project of sculptures and installation on the places of origin of Chinese white porcelain.

Through the teachings she provides, the exchanges she maintains with her peers and the presentation of her works, Florence Corbi has gradually become an inspiring reference for many young artists.

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